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Bal-aska Past Instructors

2012 1st Annual (September 4-7, 2012)


Patrick Flores-Muller, Roxanne O'Connor (Back 2 Basics Dance Company), Binky Dykstra (JBER, AK), Chris and Beth Grover (Los Angeles, CA)

2013 2nd Annual (September 5-8, 2013)


Patrick Flores-Muller, Roxanne O'Connor (Back 2 Basics Dance Company),  Binky Dykstra (JBER, AK), Emily and Josh McLaughlin (Portland, OR)

2014 3rd Annual (September 6-9, 2014)



Augie Freeman and Natalia Eristavi (Irvine, CA), Bobby White and Kate Hedin (Washington, D.C.), Doug and Nicki Silton (Pasadena, CA), Patrick Flores-Muller and Roxanne O'Connor (Back 2 Basics Dance Company).


2015 4th Annual (September 10-13, 2015)

Alexander Hahn (San Francisco, CA) and Kate Rullman (Seward, AK), Nate and Tertia Sartain (San Diego, CA), Patrick and Roxanne Flores-Muller (Anchorage, AK)