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New Events

***As of February 1, 2019 the Golden Lion Lounge is no longer open to the public at all during the week and is available on a rental basis only. We are renting the space out as a private function which means that we are all age friendly since the bar is closed. *

Pre-registration is required. There needs to be at least 6 students enrolled to teach the series and 12 for full-day intensives to be able to pay the rental of the lounge. If there are less than minimum requirement needed, a full refund will be issued if cancelled prior to 24 hours before class start time or a proration of the remainder of the series will be issued after the first class for the remainder of the classes.

Thank you for your understanding and support.


Dance Classes for 2019...

May 4th, 11th, (no classes on 18th), 25th: Cha Cha 3-week Series 7:00-8:30 pm                                                       

$30.00 Preregister for all 3 weeks;

$15 per Drop In Class (Must know the Basics to attend any of these weeks after week 1)


June 1-29: West Coast Swing 5-week Beginner Series   7:00-8:30 pm                              

$60.00 Preregister for all 4 weeks;

$15 per Drop In Class (Must know the Basics to attend any of the weeks after week 1)


July 5-26: Brazilan Dance: From Samba to Bossa Nova and Back!

Let’s take a trip to Brazil without even leaving Anchorage.

Do you already know how to dance Bachata, Salsa, Rumba and maybe even some Samba steps? Then you already know ¾ of the Bossa Nova.

Bossa Nova is a Brazilian dance that originates from the Samba and became popular worldwide during the 1960s and is danced to Latin Jazz music. If you know the song “Girl from Ipanema” and thought, “How do I dance to this?” Bossa Nova is the dance and we’ll show you how.

This dance clinic will start you off with the slower and sultry moves and timing of the Bossa Nova and will finish with the fun and party timing of the Samba.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s party like we were at Carnivale!

4-week Series 7:00-8:30 pm                  

$45.00 Preregister for all 4 weeks;

$15 per Drop In Class